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Welcome to Welcome to SunLake Medical!!

SunLake Medical Specialties Pain Management Results

At SunLake we specialize in treating back strains and pains, disc problems, herniation, sciatica, knee injuries, poor circulation, shoulder pain, joint pain, arthritis, all chronic pain, neck injuries such as whiplash, sports injuries, auto accident injury, work injury or any other injury you have sustained. SunLake Clinic will help you get to the bottom of your pain and get you back on top of your game.

Our professionals use a wide variety of diagnostic tools and treatments such as exercise, therapy, physiotherapy, injections, and medications. We also offer Chiropractic and Massage Therapy techniques to adjust and alleviate the pain at the source thereby giving you true rehabilitation and recovery from your pain or injuries.

SunLake Clinic Medical Center professionals will help people even when they have been told there is nothing more that can be done for them. Get all the care you need, all in one place. We are an Injury Care Medical Center: where your recovery is our specialty. Chances are we can help you, too!


Proper authorities have been notified of your car accident and a few days have passed and now to your surprise, you are feeling not-normal, possibly with pain and stiffness. You begin to question whether you are injured or not. Signs of injury caused by an auto-accident may come in the form of any discomfort or anxiety, sleep loss, chronic headaches, tingling sensations in the hands, arms and shoulders, or other pain that was not felt immediately at the scene of the accident itself.

Where do you go to get checked out and for possible medical attention? Even if you are feeling okay, it's important to seek out medical attention on the day of or the day just after the accident. The multidiscipline medical staff at SunLake Clinic will help. Helping people recover from auto-accidents is one of our specialties.


Most personal injury claims stem from auto accidents this is why auto accident insurance has coverage for personal injury. And well it should, as personal injury refers to any injury to one's body, mind and/or spirit. In all states, a personal injury claim cannot be filed until after a visit to a primary care physician, a hospital emergency room or a chiropractor.

Other personal injuries include but not limited to: workplace accidents, trips and falls, assault, accidents at home, product defects that can cause accidents, accidents during holidays and medical malpractice.

Yes!  SunLake does provide assistance with INSURANCE CLAIMS.

SunLake professionals know your recovery requires not only an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, but may also involve case managers, attorneys, insurance companies, and other people and agencies with their own unique needs. Our experienced staff knows exactly how to fill out the forms, process the paperwork, and communicate with all the parties involved. You will only need to focus on getting well.

Auto Accident Injury, Personal Accident Injury, Pain Management,  Diet and Wellness Care Programs

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