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 Medical Care at SunLake

Smiling_Man_Face.pngSunLake Clinic Medical also offers professional services for the prevention and treatment of illness with a focus of keeping you healthy. You will find a trustworthy friendly place, a compassionate staff and complete medical care for your entire family. SunLake Clinic not only treats personal injuries, sports injury and auto accident injury but also provides preventative care get and keep you feeling better as fast as possible.

At SunLake Clinic we have the proper equipment and medical staff to implement a personalized rehabilitation program to accommodate many types of injuries and conditions.

Why choose SunLake Medical?

Pain is a complex and unpleasant experience that affects all aspects of our life. Whether the pain is caused by a chronic illness or has an unknown cause, it can impact job status, personal and professional relationships, moods, sleep pattern, family life, and other everyday responsibilities.

People who experience chronic pain and their families may see an increase of hopelessness, loss of dreams and goals, increased stress, and may have symptoms of depression or anxiety. Without an effective and intense intervention, the pain-stress cycle can continue.

What if your pain persists?

Pain cannot always be eliminated, but often times can be reduced to tolerable levels, thereby enhancing function and quality of life. SunLake Clinic has specialized programs to meet the needs of families who are experiencing pain and the associated problems caused from chronic pain.

Treatment may include drugs, primarily anti-inflammatory and narcotics. Painkillers take a variety of approaches to dialing down pain messages being sent to the brain. Some try to interrupt messages sent from the injury site to the spinal cord, others block transmission up the spinal cord, and still others mimic natural painkillers that the brain itself makes and delivers to the injury site. Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Norco (also known as hydrocodone) are among the most effective medications for the treatment of intractable pain.

Medical + Chiropractic + Massage Therapy

Coupling Medical and Chiropractic care with Massage Therapy is a powerful treatment solution successfully used by many patients.

Auto Accident Injury, Personal Accident Injury, Pain Management,  Diet and Wellness Care Programs

Call 813-948-2107 for a SunLake Medical Clinic near you.