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We use noninvasive medical testing, such as MRI, to diagnose your pain situation.

At SunLake Medical you'll have access to the strongest, most sophisticated MRI machines in the area. In addition to having access to state-of-the-art MRI's in the area, your test results will be reviewed by our team of highly experienced and respected radiologists.

What exactly is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is a powerful, dynamic way for doctors to see inside our bodies to diagnose and identify certain problems and diseases.

An MRI is not an x-ray but a combination of magnetic fields, radio waves and a computer that all work together to create two or even three dimensional images of exactly what's happening in our bodies.

LadyOncomputer.pngYou'll discover that MRI testing is painless and much quicker than you think. In fact, you'll probably be very comfortable as you lie back on our padded table. Also for your comfort, you'll be able to listen to your favorite music as you undergo your study.

But keep in mind that an MRI isn't for everyone. So be sure to inform your physician if you have: a pacemaker, aneurysm clips in your brain, a shunt with tele-sensor, inner ear implants, metal fragments in one or both of your eyes, implanted spinal cord stimulators, or if you're pregnant.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the most useful tools physicians have to make an accurate diagnosis and select an appropriate treatment for their patients. Because these images are computer generated, they can be instantly sent electronically to off-site specialist and consultants. Thanks to the advanced design features of our equipment, your MRI experience should prove perfectly comfortable in our non-claustrophobic machine. In fact, you may even find the experience relaxing.

Questions and Answers

Why are MRI scans important?

MRI scans allow doctors to see images of your internal organs and structures in great detail from many angles. This gives them information more quickly, and in many cases more economically, than past tests and exploratory surgeries.

Is an MRI scan like an x-ray?

No. An MRI scan uses a powerful magnet in conjunction with the radio frequency waves to generate images of your internal organs and structures without radiation.

How long will the exam take?

That will depend on which study is being performed, but a typical exam lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. You should allow extra time in case the exam lasts longer than expected.

Does the machine make a lot of noise?

The magnet makes a slight rapping sound as images are being taken. In between scans the machine is quiet. If you desire, headphones may be available to you for your exam and their use will not prevent you from hearing the technologist if he or she speaks to you during the exam.

Do I have to hold still the whole time?

It is important for image clarity and the best scan results to hold still during the exam. The technologists will instruct you as to when you may move between scans. Keep in mind a routine exam may take at least 15 minutes.

Will I be alone?

You will be in contact with a technologist at all times. Even when he or she is not in the MRI room, you will be able to talk to him or her via a voice activating intercom. In some cases, a family member is welcome to stay in the room with you during your scan.

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